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Career Competent Employees

Career Competent Employees

Lance Haun | Rehaul

July 15, 2010

This is all business, baby. This is about going from the dying/surviving cycle to thriving. It’s about believing in something greater and seeing the bigger picture. You want to talk about some stupid seat at the table? Get out of here. That singular focus on ladder climbing has made HR people lose sight of their biggest customer: employees. If you want to talk about getting strategic and thinking about the future of your workforce, the key will be folks that know how to learn and apply new knowledge, have vision for where they want to go and have the fundamental skills to do both.

Career Competency

An administrative assistant who can type 75 wpm and answer a multi-line phone but can’t do a page layout in Microsoft Word or know how formulas work in Microsoft Excel has little chance of getting a job later down the line if he or she doesn’t up their skill level in these areas. A mechanic that has no idea about the computer based tools that can be used in his or her field needs that opportunity to learn about it. In some instances, they simply just need to know about something bigger than their day-to-day jobs.

And it isn’t just about teaching raw skills. That’s the fundamental part that HR folks should all be doing anyway (for our own company’s benefit if nothing else). It is about teaching people how to investigate new things, research their careers and other interests and learn about the world outside of their cube, workbench or corner office. It’s about thinking that the way to personal fulfillment might not be through their career at all but (gasp) the things outside of work. And if they are looking for career fulfillment, helping them achieve it (whether it be at your company or the next one down the line).

Pie in the sky? Of course it is.

Being better educated about themselves, about their career and about the learning skills that make a person employable in the 21st century is a lofty goal. And putting that on employers is a tough sell. But you’ve seen it out there in the field if your employees have to leave. It is brutal.

Your employees deserve to know that it is brutal. And instead of fear, they have to be empowered by someone who knows what they need to be successful.

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