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Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

How does your company handle performance reviews?

Dan McCarthy | Great Leadership

May 27, 2010

8. Peer or multi-rater assessment are OK for developmental purposes, as long as the results are seen only by the individual being assessed. They have no place in performance appraisal – that’s the manager’s dirty job. Oh – and self-directed work teams? Good luck with that one.

9. “Experts” (often trainers or HR) usually overstates the reasons why they “have” to be done. It’s for “legal” reasons, employees “deserve” them, it’s “your job” as a manager. Really? Ask the expert exactly how many court cases the company has lost because of a missing or poorly written performance review. As if they would be willing to survey employees to see if they how much they contribute to performance or job satisfaction. Ask for some research that proves the ability to do good performance reviews has anything to do with leadership excellence. Ask for data that shows how doing or not doing performance reviews has ever improved the companies’ bottom line. You’ll be sure to get scowls or blank stares.

I’m not saying there really are some good reasons – I’m sure there is even some credible research – but more too often heavy-handed, uninformed arm-twisting is used instead of valid reasons. It’s OK to step back and ask “why?”

10. At the end of the day, we’d be better off getting rid of the complicated forms and mandated practices, and just practice good day-to-day management and leadership. Under performance should still be documented, great performance should be recognized and rewarded, employees should get feedback, we should be held accountable, goals should be established, career and development plans should be discussed, and merit pay should be based on performance.

OMG, does all of this sound like performance management? Maybe, but please don’t make us fill out a damn 16 page form every year. Let’s either do it right or not do it at all.

How about you? Have any opinions on performance reviews?

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