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FLSA Recordkeeping Checklist

March 10, 2008

FLSA Recordkeeping Checklist

Employers are required to keep records on wages, hours, and other items for at least six years. With respect to an employee subject to both minimum wage and overtime pay provisions, the following records must be kept:

Personal information, including employee’s name, home address, zip code, occupation, sex, and birth date (if under 19 years of age).

Hour and day when workweek begins.

Total hours worked each workday and each workweek.

Total daily or weekly straight-time earning.

Regular hourly pay rate for any week when overtime is worked.

Total overtime pay for the workweek.

Deductions from or additions to wages.

Total wages paid each pay period.

Date of payment and pay period covered.

In addition to these general recordkeeping requirements, the FLSA imposes recordkeeping requirements for employees subject to miscellaneous exemptions under the law. The specific terms of each such exemption covering these workers must be documented. They include:

Employees exempt from both overtime pay requirements and minimum wage.

Employees exempt from overtime pay requirements.

Employees of hospitals and residential care facilities compensated for overtime work on the basis of a 14-day work period.

Employees working under a “Belo” contract.

Board, lodging, or other facilities.

Tipped employees.

Learners, apprentices, messengers, students, or handicapped workers.

Individual home workers.

Agricultural employees. Time clocks are a good means of recording work hours, but they are not required. If there is a time clock, note that in addition to the timecard punches, the number of hours worked and the workweek should be written down. These figures may be noted on the timecard itself or on another record.

Information courtesy of What Every Business Manager and HR Professional Should Know About Federal Labor and Employment Laws

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