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Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms


March 10, 2008


Access to Personnel Files Policy

Attendance Policy

Blogging Policy

Business Ethics Policy

Business Travel Expense Policy

Human Capital Management Drives Financial Performance

Call-In Pay Policy

Cell Phone Usage Policy

Child Care/Dependent Care Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Electronic Mail (e-mail) Policy

Emergencies Policy

Employment at Will/Applications Policy

Employment Agreement Policy

Family and Medical Leave Policy

Flextime Policy

Gambling Policy

Garnishments Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy

Investigations Policy

Internet Policy

Intranet Policy

Job Posting Policy

Layoffs and Recalls Policy

Leave Bank Policy

Matching Charitable Gifts Policy

Orientation Policy

Paid Absences Progressive Policy

Performance Appraisal Policy

Privacy Policy

Promotions Policy

Reference and Requests for Information Policy

Retirement Policy

Sexual Harassment Training Policy

Short-Term Disability Policy

Smoking Policy

Telecommuting Policy

Telephone Monitoring Policy

Termination and Severance Pay Policy

Vacations Policy


Verification of Previous Employment Form

Performance Appraisal Form

Job Posting Form

Job Analysis Form

Family and Medical Leave Request Form

EEO Self-Identification Form

Employee Separation Form

Disciplinary Action Form

Employment Application Form

Anniversary Performance Review Form

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?