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Job Analysis Form

March 10, 2008

This Job Analysis Information Sheet form is used to define a job within your company. It documents the purpose of the job, whom the supervisor will be, the job duties, the education level required for the position, the experience required, location of the job, environmental conditions, health and safety conditions, as well as the machines, tools, and work aids that the incumbent will be in contact with on a regular basis.

*This form lends itself to the manufacturing environment, but it can be adapted to fit a number of types of jobs.

Job Analysis Information Sheet

Job Title: _______________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Job Code: __________________________________ Dept.: __________________________________ Superior’s Title: ______________________________________________________________________ Hours worked _______ AM to ________ PM Job Analyst’s Name: __________________________________________________________________

1. What is the job’s overall purpose? _________________________________________________________________________________

2. If the incumbent supervises others, list them by job title; if there is more than one employee with the same title, put the number in parentheses following. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

3. Check those activities that are part of the incumbent’s supervisory duties.

Training Performance appraisal Inspecting work Budgeting Coaching and/or counseling Others (please specify) __________________________________________________

4. Describe the type and extent of supervision received by the incumbent. ___________________________________________________________________________________

5. JOB DUTIES: Describe briefly WHAT the incumbent does and, if possible, HOW he or she does it. Include duties in the following categories:

a. Daily duties (those performed on a regular basis every day or almost every day) _______________________________________________________________________ b. Periodic duties (those performed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at other regular intervals) _______________________________________________________________________ c. Duties performed at irregular intervals _______________________________________________________________________

6. Is the incumbent performing duties he or she considers unnecessary? If so, describe. ______________________________________________________________________________

7. Is the incumbent performing duties not presently included in the job description? If so, describe. ______________________________________________________________________________

8. EDUCATION: Check the box that indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).

No formal education required Eighth grade education High school diploma (or equivalent) 2-year college degree (or equivalent) 4-year college degree (or equivalent) Graduate work or advanced degree (specify:) Professional license (specify:)

9. EXPERIENCE: Check the amount of experience needed to perform the job.

None Less than 1 month 1 to 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 to 3 years 3 to 5 years 5 to 10 years More than 10 years

10. LOCATION: Check location of job and, if necessary or appropriate, describe briefly.

Outdoor Indoor Underground Pit Scaffold Other (specify)

11. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Check any objectionable conditions found on the job and note afterward how frequently each is encountered (rarely, occasionally, constantly, etc.)

Dirt Dust Heat Cold Noise Fumes Odors Wetness/humidity Vibration Sudden temperature changes Darkness or poor lighting Other (specify)

12. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Check any undesirable health and safety conditions under which the incumbent must perform and note how often they are encountered.

Elevated workplace Mechanical hazards Explosives Electrical hazards Fire hazards Radiation Other (specify)

13. MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND WORK AIDS: Describe briefly what machines, tools, equipment, or work aids the incumbent works with on a regular basis: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

14. Have concrete work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so, what are they? ______________________________________________________________________________

15. Are there any personal attributes (special aptitudes, physical characteristics, personality traits, etc.) required by the job? ______________________________________________________________________________

16. Are there any exceptional problems the incumbent might be expected to encounter in performing the job under normal conditions? If so, describe. ______________________________________________________________________________

17. Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job. ______________________________________________________________________________

18. What is the seriousness of error on this job? Who or what is affected by errors the incumbent makes? ______________________________________________________________________________

19. To what job would a successful incumbent expect to be promoted? ______________________________________________________________________________

[Note: This form is obviously slanted toward a manufacturing environment, but it can be adapted quite easily to fit a number of different types of jobs.]

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