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Lead by Example

Lead by Example

Sharlyn Lauby | HR Bartender

August 09, 2010

It sounds so easy. Lead by example.

We can’t expect others to do something we don’t do ourselves. This applies to any aspect of our lives.

— If we aren’t punctual, we can’t expect others to be.

— If we expect others to pick up their shoes around the house, then we need to pick up our own.

— If we want people to comment on our blog, we need to comment on other people’s blogs.

You get the point. Employees will take responsibility for their actions when they see managers taking responsibility for theirs. If managers do nothing but blamestorming, employees will do the same.

I see it over and over. Managers disciplining employees for something they don’t do themselves. For example, how do you tell an employee they can’t come to work late when their manager shows up late all the time? Or coaching an employee because a company communication fell apart, when it was the manager who initially created the confusion? “Do as I say; not as I do” isn’t a management philosophy.

Think of the impact something so simple as leading by example could have on a workplace. If everyone would just do those things they expect from others.

I wonder if everyone practiced leading by example what kind of impact it would have on a company. I say, let’s find out.

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