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Sexual Harassment Training Policy

March 09, 2008

The Sexual Harassment Training policy provides information on training to all employees, hourly and salary. Initial training using a videotape, handouts, fill-in-the-blank, and open-book test is recommended. Follow-up training should also be provided. The policy lists areas to be covered in training. A copy of the signed and dated test will be placed in the employee’s file.

Subject: Sexual Harassment Training

Organization: Anonymous

Example of: Standard Policy

All hourly employees will receive the following training regarding sexual harassment:

• The company’s policy against harassment.

• The company’s respect for dignity policy.

• A definition of sexual harassment including that:

• Sexual harassment can be an unsolicited advance by a manager toward an employee.

• It can range from inappropriate sexual suggestions to coerced sexual relations.

• It can range from physical assault to derogatory comments.

• Sources of harassment.

• What to do if harassed.

• How to complain.

• Responsibility to report.

• Investigation policy.

• Responsibility to cooperate with investigation policy.

• Laws against harassment.

• Federal and state agencies that investigate harassment.

The initial training will consist of a videotape with examples of unlawful harassment, handouts that include company policies, and question and answers. Employees will be given a fill-in-the-blank, open-book test. A copy of the signed and dated test will be placed in the employee’s file.

Follow-up training will include:

• Periodic pay envelope stuffers.

• Periodic e-mail reminders.

• Periodic short meetings regarding discussion of company policies.

• Retraining every 2 years using overheads, videos, and discussion groups.

All supervisory employees will receive the same training as hourly employees plus the following:

• Personal liability of supervisors for defamation, invasion of privacy, assault, battery, and emotional distress.

• Supervisor’s responsibility to report potential sexual harassment, even if the employee has not yet complained.

• Supervisor’s responsibility to cooperate with an investigation.

Supervisor’s failure to report potential sexual harassment or failure to cooperate with an investigation can lead to discipline and personal liability.

Training for supervisors will usually be off-site to reduce interruptions. Training for supervisors will be repeated annually. The refresher training will include case studies and role-playing.

Supervisors will complete a fill-in-the-blank or other test on completion of each training session.

Supervisors and Human Resource employees assigned to investigate claims of sexual harassment will receive all of the above training. In addition, at least once a year they will meet with the company’s attorney to discuss legal issues related to investigations.

Topics to be covered with investigators will include:

• How to conduct the investigation • Where to interview • What documents to review • Current law • Who to interview • How to interview • When to interview • Personal liability

General matters:

All employees will be paid for all time spent in sexual harassment training.

Records of who attended training and when they attended will be kept.

Training materials will be reviewed annually.

Training materials will be kept for at least one year after being revised.

Training materials will be reviewed by counsel before its initial use.

Revisions to training materials will be reviewed by counsel before their use.

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