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Gambling Policy

March 09, 2008

The Gambling policy states the Company’s view on gambling, what it considers gambling, and what is exempt from that definition. It also states the recourse for violations and warns of inspections of employee equipment and workspaces for evidence of gambling.

Subject: Gambling

Organization: Anonymous

Example of: Standard Policy

Gambling is not permitted on Company property during work hours, during breaks, during lunch periods in the Company cafeteria, while traveling on Company business, at Company functions, or while entertaining clients. Company facilities and equipment may not be used to gamble (e.g., poker games over the Internet, telephone calls to place off-track bets, etc.). Gambling paraphernalia, such as betting slips, video software games, cards, or dice, are not permitted in Company facilities or Company vehicles. Gambling includes, but is not limited to, poker, video poker games, horse betting, football pools, fantasy football bets, lotteries, raffles, and the like.

Any drawings, contests, or similar advertising promotions are to be approved by the Human Resources Department [or the Legal Department] to ensure that the promotion is not an illegal lottery.

Employees’ desks, offices, belongings, lockers, vehicles, Internet usage, e-mail, faxes, telephone logs, and computers may be inspected in accordance with Company policy to ensure compliance with this policy.

Employees are expected to cooperate with any investigation of a violation of this policy.

Employees who violate this policy are subject to discipline up to and including termination.

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