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Cell Phone Usage Policy

March 08, 2008

The Cell Phone Usage policy states the Company’s rules governing Company cell phone usage. Cell phones are to be used to conduct Company business only. Employee will be charged for personal usage. Calls must be logged and turned in monthly to be verified against invoice. Other rules apply. Discipline for abuse is stated in the policy.

Subject: Cell Phone Usage

Organization: Anonymous

Example of: Standard Policy

Personal telephone calls are to be kept to a minimum. Cell phones are generally to be used only for Company business. Employees may not use cell phones to conduct business for others or themselves.

Cell phones are not to be used for any illegal activities.

Employees will use the long-distance carrier designated by the Company. Employees are required to keep a daily log of calls made to and from cell phones. These logs are to be turned in to the operator at the end of the month, at which time they will be checked off against the records of the telephone company. Employees will be billed the airtime charges for all personal calls.

All cell phone requests must be submitted to your supervisor and must be included in your department’s budget. The cell phone, the plan, and any accessories must be included on the request along with the business justification for the cell phone, the plan, and accessories. Generally, the least expensive cell phone and calling plan are to be selected. Usually, contracts for cell phone service will be in the Company’s name. Upon request of either the employee or the Company, the cell phone may be in the employee’s name. In that case, the Company will reimburse the employee only for airtime charges related to calls for Company business. In all other cases, cell phones and accessories (e.g., battery chargers) remain Company property. To the extent permitted by applicable law, employees will be held responsible for lost or stolen cell phones, etc., belonging to the Company. Employees must immediately report lost or stolen cell phones, etc.

Employees are to “lock” cell phones.

Employees are to use cell phones in a safe manner (e.g., calls are not to be made by the person driving a vehicle).

Generally, confidential information is not to be discussed over cell phones.

Phones are not to be forwarded to cell phones. Cell phones are not to be forwarded to other phones.

All Company policies that apply to regular telephones and other Company property apply to cell phones (e.g., no harassing phone calls). Employees may be disciplined for violating the cell phone policy.

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