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Blogging Policy

March 07, 2008

The Blogging Policy defines scope and usage of blogs by employees. It covers written permission needed to post Company information, who is authorized to post anything about the Company, and allowable content regarding Company matters.

Subject: Blogging

Organization: Anonymous

Example of: Standard Policy

Employees may maintain personal websites or Web logs (blogs) on their own time using their own facilities. However, each employee is responsible for ensuring that blogging activity does not interfere with his or her work. The content of blogs maintained by employees should not be purposefully offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringe on intellectual property rights, invade the privacy of anyone, contain illegal content, or be illegal or injurious to another person.

No employee other than the designated spokesperson may speak on behalf of the company. This includes on any blogs.

• Do not post confidential or proprietary information on a blog.

• Do not post the names of Company customers, clients, co-workers, vendors, or partners on a blog.

• Do not use Company facilities to create or maintain a blog. The Company monitors its facilities to ensure compliance with this restriction.

• Do not create or maintain personal websites or blogs on Company time.

• If you identify yourself as a Company employee on your blog, place a prominent disclaimer stating that you are only expressing your personal views and not those of the Company.

• Do not link to the Company’s website or post Company material on a website or blog unless written permission is obtained from the vice president of marketing.

• All company policies that regulate off-duty conduct apply to blogging activity including, but not limited to, policies related to illegal harassment, code of conduct, noncompetition, and protecting confidential and/or proprietary information.

• Violation of this policy may lead to discipline up to and including the immediate termination of employment.

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