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Design Specs Worksheet

March 07, 2008

Design Specs Worksheet

Program Name:________________________


Program Background: (Describe why the program is needed, who is sponsoring its development, how the program fits in with the organization’s overall business strategy and training effort.)

Target Audience: (Describe the people to be trained. What groups will attend in terms of level, function? How many are there? What are significant characteristics that impact training, e.g. education, skill level, interests, attitude towards training? Any special work pressures?)

Program Purpose: What are the broad outcomes that the program is expected to accomplish? Why are you developing/purchasing the program?

Learning/Performance Objectives. As a result of completing the training, participants will be able to: 1.








Program Design Requirements: (How will the program goals and objectives be met most effectively; key learning principles and methods; delivery requirements)

• Key learning principles for this program:

• Type of Training Delivery (Classroom; self-study, audio-visual based, CBT, etc.)

• Learning methods to include:

• Learning methods to exclude/avoid:

Program Constraints (identify restrictions which influence design and development.)

• Budget:

• Length restrictions/requirements:

• Deliverable to these locations (any restrictions):

• Number of people to attend a session:

• Deadline to first delivery:

• Deadline to complete training of all target audience:

• Instructor qualifications/limitations:

• Technology constraints (current technology available in delivery sites)

Program Modules/Topics to Be Addressed: (list critical topics to address.)

• Modularization requirements (must the program be delivered as a whole or can it be delivered in different sections or modules:

• If program is delivered in modules, identify timing of the modules (e.g., the next day, the next week, once a month, etc.)

• List Key Topics to Address

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?