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Hiring Checklist

March 06, 2008

Hiring Checklist

Write a job description for the vacant position or review the old one, updating the duties required.

Make a skills profile which lists the precise duties of the position and the skills needed to accomplish these duties in a minimally acceptable manner.

Receive applications and evaluate them. Notify unqualified candidates. Rank qualified ones.

Schedule interviews. Prepare specific open-ended questions which will help to determine whether the applicant will be able to accomplish the duties of the position.

Discuss the duties, responsibilities, and skills required; and describe the wages, benefits, advancement opportunities, and other aspects of the job.

Summarize the interviews in written reports and retain them in a file.

Check the candidate’s references. Check the requisite documents to determine whether the new hire is a U.S. citizen or has the proper authority to work in the U.S., and complete the INS Form I-9.

Federal law prohibits the use of a polygraph to prescreen prospective employees in most situations.

Information courtesy of What Every Business Manager and HR Professional Should Know About Federal Labor and Employment Laws

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