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A Model for OD

Office of State Personnel, North Carolina

March 05, 2008

This Model for Organization Development depicts several dimensions from the Organization Development discipline:

1) Making improvements to the organization as it currently exists by:

solving known problems,

fine tuning processes already in place.

2) Enhancing the organization through envisioned changes to help it reach a new level of performance.

The line showing 0% through 100% represents an organization that would be operating as effectively and efficiently as it could given its present mandates. If one were to assess this organization, chances would be good that it would not be operating at peak performance levels. It would have Unrealized Potential. The problems in the organization would prevent it from operating at peak. The organization would have strengths also, of course, and these are represented as Realized Potential. To be operating at 100% performance the organization would have to make some improvements. These improvements would get it to the 100% level, and for many this would be a satisfactory level of achievement. Organization development activities could help this organization reach peak performance in this context.

The line showing 100% through 100++ represents an organization that creates a vision for itself that goes beyond its present level of performance. The vision may call for it to be the best organization of its kind, to be excellent, to be without peer. This organization would identify best practices and create positive changes, which would position it where it envisions itself to be in the future. Organization development activities could help this organization as well.

Chances are good that this organization would also have to do some work to bring it to the 100% line and then go beyond it to reach its vision.

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?