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Bullying Ex-Boss is Out of Control

Bullying Ex-Boss is Out of Control

Alison Green | Ask A Manager

October 07, 2010

Uh, yes. You are not in perpetual servitude to her just because you once worked for her. You don’t work for her anymore, and she has NO rights to your time. None. This woman is taking advantage of you. Stop allowing it, today.

Email her and say that you need to focus exclusively on your health and you can’t return any more calls or emails. You can add that your doctors have told you to eliminate stress in your life (as stress is a huge factor in Crohn’s), and you must ask her to stop contacting you while you focus on recovering.

Or, if you want to be less direct, say that you’re leaving town for several weeks and will no longer be reachable.

Then program your email so her messages go straight to your trash and you don’t have to deal with the headache of seeing them.

Update: As I was partway through writing this, I received the following update from the letter-writer:

I just got a voice mail from my former boss telling me that I would not be getting my last check since I told her I would be having a lawyer review the termination papers she sent since they clearly stated that I had to initial a line stating that I did already have the opportunity to have my lawyer review them.

Figures. But she doesn’t have the option of just deciding not to pay you. Send her a brief email explaining that Virginia law (Va. Code § 40.1-29) requires that a final paycheck be issued to a resigning employee no later than the next scheduled payday. Furthermore, an employer who violates the law is guilty of a misdemeanor (or a felony for subsequent convictions) and a fine of up to $1,000, plus interest to you on the overdue wages.

Send her an email noting the above and saying that you hope she won’t force the issue, since you would rather not cause her that hassle, but that if you don’t receive your check on time, you’ll have no choice but to contact the Virginia Department of Labor in order to enforce the law. Tell her that if you haven’t heard from her with 48 hours, you will file a complaint with the DoL. (And then email me again and I’ll do it for you, because you don’t need the stress.)

This woman is an ass. I’m glad you’re not working for her anymore.

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