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6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

Steve Berman | HRPeople

March 21, 2011

6. Fear of commitment.

With all these options available in both love and work, many want to keep their options open at all times. Sure, you might like or even love the person you’re with, but maybe there’s somebody better out there. What if you miss out on the love of your life just because you’re comfortable or even settling for the person you’re with. However, the person who spends all their time at the fork in the road worried about choosing the wrong path doesn’t end up going anywhere. While monogamy isn’t for everybody, people afraid to make any sort of commitment end up missing out on a large part of human relationships.

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The same is true in terms of work. People get bored, and look for the next best thing. While changing jobs is almost inevitable nowadays, someone who bounces around from job to job sends a signal to employers that they are not a stable employee. In the mission of finding one’s dream job, often sticking out the hard times leads to opportunities (read: promotions) you never even thought of. If you don’t pick a career and stick it out, it’s doubtful you’ll end up in a dream job position.

While finding a soul mate or a dream job can at times seem difficult if not impossible, the key is to focus on the here and now, not some sort of idealized version of what you think your life should be. Enjoy the moment, learn about yourself, embrace imperfections in other people and your work from time to time, and don’t let an infinite number of choices overwhelm you. Keep all these things in mind, and you should be happy in love … and at work.

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