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6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

Steve Berman | HRPeople

March 21, 2011

4. In reality nobody is perfect, and no job is perfect either.

Finding a soul mate doesn’t mean finding a person who you experience ultimate bliss with 24/7. It’s about loving every part of that person, appreciating even the imperfections. In fact, expecting perfection can be a way to drive a wedge between you and your partner, ruining a relationship with someone who actually possesses all the qualities you hold dear.

Even so-called dream jobs have their bad days. Even the most successful athletes and entertainers have off nights, and if your dream job is to be a veterinarian, there’s going to be bad days in that arena as well. Without realistic expectations for your love life and your work life, there isn’t a mate or job out there that you’ll be happy with. And to expect total bliss every day is foolhardy, as well.

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5. People and jobs change.

For relationships to work over the long haul, there has to be an underlying agreement that you’ll change together. You won’t always see eye to eye on everything, but if people grow apart, what used to be the perfect relationship can seem quite different somewhere down the road.

For people who are lucky enough to figure out what they want to do and then get a job that they consider a dream job, the work isn’t done. With turnover, changes in technology, the economy, and a multitude of other factors, all jobs change. And if you don’t have the flexibility to change along with the job, you might end up finding that you want to leave that job.

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