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6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

6 Ways Finding a Dream Job Is Like Finding Your Soul Mate

Steve Berman | HRPeople

March 21, 2011

2. A dream job is often about the options available to a person.

Unrealistic expectations can prevent people from finding happiness with any choices they make. If someone wants a soul mate to have the looks of a model, the education of a Rhodes scholar, and the bank account of Bill Gates, they probably will be disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

In terms of finding a dream job, the same problem with standards applies. If your dream job is to be a professional athlete, model, rock star, or astronaut, sheer numbers can make that impossible. For those who can’t find something they like doing that they’re also good at, a dream career can be as difficult to find as a so-called perfect partner.

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3. Knowing what you want is half the battle.

Think about the qualities you wanted in a mate when you were in high school, and how that might have changed when you went to college. As you grow older, your tastes change and what you want from a mate changes. While finding a soul mate is in part due to luck, and partially based on doing the work to put one’s self in the position to find someone special, it’s also about figuring out what’s important to you — and that changes over time.

Dream jobs are no different. One might think they want to be an investment banker in college, and then after an internship at a large bank the person changes their mind. Maybe now the person would rather be a teacher, or something completely different. As you grow up, learn more, and become exposed to new experiences, the concept of a dream job can change.

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