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How to Get a Job Through Your Blog

How to Get a Job Through Your Blog

Christina Macres | HRPeople

October 26, 2010

We don’t have to tell you — it’s not easy to get a job these days. In this economy, it’s easy to get stressed out over less-than-plentiful job openings. So the question remains: What’s the secret to getting the job you want? Unfortunately, we don’t have secrets, but we do have answers. The main one? Start a blog! Come on, admit it, if you’re unemployed you do have the time. So why not bulk up your resume with something more than just a standard cover letter? You’ll set yourself apart from the other candidates and employers like that — really like that.

Need more convincing? Here just a few reasons why starting your own blog can showcase your best qualities and get you hired.

#1 Establish “Street Cred”

It doesn’t matter how thorough and detailed your resume is, if it looks like everyone else’s you’re doomed to remain unemployed. Yes, you could be the most qualified candidate ever and your resume could still stay at the bottom of the stack with similar candidates. It’s a sad fact, but with competition for jobs at an all-time high, you must do something to stand out. Don’t just rely on networking and great references; these days it’s necessary to be proactive in order to get hired.

All the more reason to start a blog, right?

When done right, blogging can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Let’s say, for example, you’re trying to get a job in a specific field. Use your blog as a platform to establish expertise and legitimize your know-how. Keep in mind that employers always prefer tangible evidence. Your blog gives you the ability to confirm your qualifications with real-life examples instead of just stating your achievements on your resume.

#2 You’re Devoted

Think about your blog as you would a relationship. You wouldn’t invest your time and energy in it if you didn’t see a future together! That payoff could come in the form of valuable networking or, for some lucky bloggers, a real paycheck. Yes, you might not even need a job — you’ll already have one!

But this honestly doesn’t happen very often, so let’s get back to the job hunt, shall we? Employers love to see that a potential employee is committed. They love to see that you have professional goals. And they love to see that you can communicate effectively. How convenient, because with a blog you can showcase all of these qualifications!

The best plan of attack? Don’t start a blog just to let it die a slow, painful death. Launch a blog, aim to post once daily, and don’t ignore other bloggers in your field. Partner links and links to other websites are very important. Partner with people who have similar blogs and interests to help you create a community of like-minded people and network your way into your dream job.

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