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8 Ways to Fight Office Flab

8 Ways to Fight Office Flab

Chelsea Bush | DivineCaroline

June 23, 2010

A growing concern for us working women: job-related weight gain. Not to mention cubicle-induced achiness, anxiety, lethargy, and dehydration.

But listen up, ladies: you don’t need to quit your office job to stay healthy and happy. Here are eight ways to reverse your cubicle woes and greet the evening with energy to spare.

1) Unplug the Coffee Pot

Coffee is a wonderful office prop—it helps us face the morning, and provides an excuse to take a midday break. But let’s be honest: it stops perking us up after a few cups. Yet it never stops causing muscle tension, anxiety, and irritability. It would be sacrilege for me to advocate a coffee-less office existence; I love it too much. But I’ve also been following this bit of advice Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project posted here on DivineCaroline: “Attend to the effects tea and coffee produce upon you.” After you’ve had one cup, try switching to decaf, sipping green tea (and reap its fat-blasting benefits), or leaning on natural energy boosters. I promise that once you curb caffeine, you may never need a massage again.

2) Put Your Glutes to Work

There’s a theory that sitting for hours will cause our bums to flatten and hips to spread. Not sure if this has been scientifically proven, but most of us desk-bound women would probably testify to its truth! Use focused glute exercises to keep your beautiful backside in shape. Another great perk of working your glutes: because they’re part of your “core” muscles, strong glutes will give you better posture at your desk.

3) Pack Your (Lunch) Bags

It’s no secret that eating breakfast will help you lose weight, but make sure it’s a healthy breakfast. To energize your day, steer clear of the drive-thru on your way to work. It takes just a few minutes to pack a cooler with fresh breakfast, lunch, and snacks. (Try Elle Newmark’s recipe for the healthiest, tastiest, easiest breakfast ever.) If you do go out for lunch with the gang, follow MainStreet’s guide for ordering healthy at McDonald’s (is it possible?) and Core Performance’s 7 Rules for Eating Clean When You Eat Out.

4) Stay Sane Through the Night Shift

Whether you’re a nurse, bartender, law enforcement officer, or one of the many other women who work atypical shifts, you probably find that it’s tough to stick with your fitness regimen. But there’s hope for swing-shift and night-shift workers: read Ask Fitness Coach’s night shift tips for lodging exercise into your schedule, getting healthy meals at midnight, and securing your beauty sleep even when the sun has come up.

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Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?