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Social Recruiting Tools Matter

Social Recruiting Tools Matter

How do you use social recruiting tools?

Lance Haun | Rehaul

May 26, 2010

Back from the #socialrecruiting summit and I had a great time. While I may be a bit biased, I think the speaker lineup was fantastic. I saw quite a few tweets during the summit taking about how difficult choosing between two concurrent speakers was. If we make that choice easy on you, we’re probably not doing our job! And the people I met there were great. Many practitioners who had already started using social tools in recruiting. Many more who were investigating using it as they are looking to ramp up hiring this year.

A couple people commented that several of the sessions were overly tactical. Almost skipping the “why” and going straight to the “how”. Of course, presenters only have an hour to bring something of value to attendees so time constraints alone challenged presenters to get straight to the point. But there is another point I will make:

Social Recruiting Tools Do Matter

You don’t want to look like a rookie out there. Strategize all you want but if you stumble on the execution, you still flushed an opportunity down the drain. And nobody wants to do that. Here are some considerations though as you’re looking at social recruiting tools:

  1. Strategy matters – Using social tools has to fit into your overall recruiting strategy. If you are searching for mechanics, it doesn’t make sense to invest a ton of time into using social tools. Good strategy plus good execution is how the game is won.
  2. Reach isn’t about raw numbers – So you have 10,000 followers on Twitter. If none of them can help you build relationships or fill a req (or if they aren’t listening to you), those raw numbers don’t matter. Reach is about relationships plus influence plus a voice that is listened to.
  3. Spammers don’t win – At least in the long term. Spamming might get you a short term result but the people who are having long term success are the ones who are building relationships. If you are recruiting in a specific industry, there is absolutely no choice. No spam.
  4. Social = real life – Behind that avatar or user name is a real person with real needs. Connecting with people and humanizing that connection as quickly as possible is critical. Use relationship building tactics that are successful in real life with social tools.
  5. Ready, set, adapt – Shifts in social media happen all of the time. As soon as you are set to go, a change will come along. You have to be ready to shift your strategy when new opportunities become available.

If you were there, what did you take away from the summit? And if you weren’t there but are starting to get involved in social recruiting, what have your takeaways been?

Do you use online networking tools for recruiting purposes?
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