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Only Hiring Beautiful Job Seekers?

Only Hiring Beautiful Job Seekers?

What do you think about hiring based on looks?

Eve Tahmincioglu |

May 13, 2010

We’ve all probably heard it before — if you’re attractive you’re more likely to get the gig.

Most of us tend to disregard this assumption and emphasize the importance of skills, experience and drive. If beauty trumped all, we think, then the world would be doomed. A civilized society focuses on good character not good looks, right?

But what if we embraced the idea that attractiveness will always win out? What if we just accepted it as the norm and even propped this idea up, pushing aside all common decency?

What HR Specialty Fits You?

That’s what one guy did. Say hello to

I get a lot of wacky, over-the-top press releases. And some public relations folks think the more extreme the more coverage they’ll get from us gullible reporters.

And in this case, it worked. Why? Because I think the site plays up what is the worst about people, and every chance I can to discuss society’s underbelly the better for us all. Understanding our dark side is the first step in overcoming it, I always say.

Basically, the site is for attractive job seekers. Exactly what constitutes attractive or not is unclear. It’s left up to the people who visit the site and vote, according to the PR guy Darren Shuster.

This from the release about the site:

The Ugly Truth – As current unemployment rates spike ‘through the roof’, the competition in the job market has also increased. ‘Standing out from the crowd’ has become even more important for job seekers than ever before. In turn, employers may put a greater emphasis on beauty, attractiveness and good looks. Gone are the days, where ‘having skills and talent’ alone was sufficient.

A Beautiful Solution – is an employment website which helps beautiful, skilled and talented job seekers, to stand out from the competition in the job market. At the same time it helps employers, looking to hire beautiful, skilled and talented people, to speed up their recruitment process. does this by providing an online platform, which caters exclusively to the afore-mentioned parties.

I know, many of you are recoiling right now. But hey, there is something to this assumption if you look at the endless studies on the impact of beauty on careers.

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