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Top HR Resume Keywords

Top HR Resume Keywords

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

April 19, 2010

You’d think getting a job in Human Resources would be easier since you’re an HR pro. You already know the tricks and tips to getting an interview, you’re an ace at answering questions and you know how to schmooze with the best of them.

Unfortunately, the stakes are higher because of your professional background — which is why making your resume stand out from a pile of HR-perfect resumes is all the more important. And since hiring managers are such busy bees, your resume better sing with the right words or it’ll be tossed into the trash bin (as you well know).

You also know how important it is to make your resume computer-friendly, so that when it’s fed through an automated scanner, it’ll light up with all the right HR keywords.

Get out your resume and prepare to pore over it with a magnifying glass, polishing those buzz words and shining your skill set!


Take it out. It’s last decade’s style. Your objective is your elevator pitch, so save it for the interview.


List the degree(s) you earned and school(s) you attended right at the top. Applying for an entry-level HR position? Bring up HR or business-related honors you achieved, clubs you were a part of, or special mentions you received. Experienced HR professionals should leave this out as it undervalues your years of experience in the field. Include any certifications earned, such as the SPHR, PHR, leadership, or business certifications.

HR Skills

This is different from your experience, where you’ll talk about your previous jobs. In this section, list HR-specific skills. Any experience with HR specialties such as Employment Law, Talent Management, or HR Information Systems should go here. Familiarity with specific procedures like EEO, FMLA, benefits programs and Oracle are a plus!

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