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Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd: Part I

Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd: Part I

Ilona Vanderwoude | CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert

April 05, 2010

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or getting yourself ready just in case; you wonder how to get your resume noticed in today’s competitive environment. Right?

So how do you stand out in a sea of competition – often equally qualified?

The answer is two-fold:

- By knowing the 3 must-haves to include in your resume.

- By using the right job search strategies.

It will take me two separate articles to display my advice on this matter. So today, I’ll discuss the 3 must-haves for your resume.

First of all; there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to resumes as much of the strategy depends on the person and the situation. But we do know there are certain things that always work.

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of a hiring person or recruiter. They see resumes all day long. Therefore, they simply won’t sit there and read your 5-page essay-style resume. Nor will they try to piece things together and figure out how your interesting and diverse background might fit with their organization. You need to make this clear to them.

Typically, they’ll spend about 10 seconds to see what jumps out at them – specifically: who you are, what you do, where your expertise lies, and what you can do for them. In other words: what solution do you bring to their problem?

So here are my 3 must-haves that will help your resume get noticed among your competition:

1. Your resume needs to be branded.

What do we mean by that?

A personal brand is a differentiated promise of value. It’s about what’s unique about you which has a bottom-line impact for an organization.

When your resume is branded, it clarifies why YOU should be hired over anyone else with the same background, with the same type of responsibilities, and even similar achievements.

Often, it’s about HOW you get results. Employers want to know how you do something differently.

A personal brand is organic and authentic. It’s really about who you are and your core skill set, and then distilled into the one, overriding factor that would make you irresistible to employers. It is also something you would absolutely love doing.

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