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5 Cover Letters That Worked

Tania Khadder | HRPeople

March 19, 2010

The Success Story

This journalism student was looking for a full-time job after graduation. She didn’t get the job, but she did get herself an interview with a very competitive magazine.

It’s clear from the get-go that this applicant has really taken the time to customize her cover letter.

She takes a risk (since there’s no guarantee that the hiring manager who reads the letter will be familiar with the feature story she mentions), but whoever is reading this will know right away why she wants to work at Tech Magazine and just how much she already knows about the magazine.

She also does a good job ending on an active note. She says she’s going to get in touch with the company when she gets to New York, instead of leaving the ball in their court or finishing with some kind of vague closing statement.

Dear Tech Magazine Hiring Manager,

When my literary journalism class read XXXXXXXXXX 2003 feature, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX I was instantly captivated. Since then, I always pick up Tech Magazine first when I visit my local newsstand and frequently visit your website between issues. What keeps me coming back is Tech Magazine’s ability to capture the interest of even non-technologically minded readers with its colloquial language and thorough reporting of fascinating, complex subjects in an award-winning magazine.

As the Section Editor for XXXXXXXXXXXXX Guide Book, I assembled my own 30-person writing staff and spent countless hours researching Los Angeles for restaurants, shops and things to do. I edited more than 250 reviews of Los Angeles businesses, maintained a comprehensive database of them and contributed some content myself. Further, my most recent position as a research assistant for Los Angeles Couture magazine has solidified my attention to detail, especially because my primary duties were fact-checking and research. The articles I verified ranged from store, designer and fashion blog reviews to a cover story about two up-and-coming fashion designers with Los Angeles roots. Fact-checking the latter piece two weeks before New York Fashion Week and working with the three-hour time difference significantly honed my time management and organizational skills.

I will receive my bachelors’ degrees in journalism and economics from XXXXXXXXX University this June. My journalism classes trained me to be meticulous, dedicated and curious, and my economics classes taught me the importance of how technology affects politics and the economy.

Additionally, researching vehicle summary updates and writing feature stories about Bluetooth, DVD and navigation systems for considerably piqued my interest in gadgets and technology. I know my education and experience will make me a valuable asset to your team as the research intern.

I will return to New York after my graduation on XXXXX 21, and with your permission, I would like to contact you in the next few weeks to see if we can meet in person. For your review, I have enclosed a resume and clips. Thank you for so much your time and consideration.


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About the Author:
Tania is a writer, editor, blogger, and TV enthusiast. She likes indie rock, good food, vodka gimlets, and living in San Francisco. She also likes dancing, but of course, not to indie rock. Tania has a BA in Anthropology from UCLA, and an MA in International Journalism from City University in London. She’s also co-founder of the blog Unemploymentality. When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with friends and family, obsessively surfing the web, or much to everyone’s annoyance, doing both simultaneously. Check out her latest blog, Lipstick & Lemonade.

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