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HRPeople's Networking Workshop

HRPeople's Networking Workshop


January 29, 2010

Welcome to our Networking Workshop. Your one stop shop for all of your networking needs — from tips and best practices to finding the right connections and making the most of your environment, we’ve got it covered.

Are you just starting out? Find out why networking is especially crucial for new hires.

Networking isn’t that hard or complicated. We’ve made it easy, breaking it down step by step, just for you!

Don’t worry about messing up during a networking. It happens all the time! But just in case, try to avoid these common mistakes.

Did you know that the holidays are a fantastic networking opportunity? Let us help you take advantage of it.

Don’t see what you want here? Tell us! Or ask other HR professionals in the forums!

Dive Into the Workshop

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?