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25 HR Approved Office Party Ideas

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

October 26, 2009

10. White Elephant Gift Exchange

This is the perfect holiday game but it requires a little advance planning on your part.

Let everyone know that they should bring a gender neutral gift to the office holiday party. Set a budget too, so that one person doesn’t splurge on a $50-item while another spends $5.

How to Play: Have everyone draw numbers out of a hat to determine what order they’ll go in. The first person starts and takes a gift from the pile. The second person has the option of taking a new gift from the pile, or “stealing” the gift from the first person.

If he does steal the gift, the first person goes again by picking a new gift from the pile, or stealing their gift back. If you have a gift, anyone can steal it, but each gift can only be stolen once by the same person. The game continues until everyone has a gift.

Tip: Make sure to buy a few extra gifts just in case somebody forgets to bring one.

Idea #11: Noah’s Ark

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?