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10 Awkward Interviews and How to Handle Them

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

October 19, 2009

3. Unprofessional

From wearing sweat pants to an interview, making inappropriate comments, or complaining about a previous employer, this applicant hasn’t learnt to grow up and take responsibility. She clearly isn’t a team player and gossips about old jobs like she’s stuck in high school – which she probably is.

Certain facts about her skills and experiences don’t add up which suggests she’s lying, or greatly exaggerating the truth. Either way, you don’t have the time, or the patience, to untangle this mess.

How to Deal:
First impressions count for a lot, and if this candidate can’t cut it during the interview, how would she function if hired? Think about the fact that whoever you hire represents your company and your brand.

Dig deeper by asking behavioral questions to determine how this applicant would act in a particular situation.

Ask questions like, “How would you react in a situation like X?” or “Tell me about a time when you solved a problem about X.” Her answers should tell you if her unprofessional behavior spills into her work ethic.

Is This You?
How much do you want this job? If you look and act unprofessional before being hired, why would anyone take you on? Clean up your act and do your homework. Think about it this way: there’s always someone else out there who is better qualified, better prepared and would make a better candidate.

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Number 4: Unqualified

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?