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Networking Gone Wrong

John Rossheim | Monster Senior Contributing Writer

October 15, 2009

If you’ve put in a number of years in your professional field, this dreaded scenario might sound familiar: You get a call or an email from a friend of a colleague, asking for a meeting with a murky agenda. Not wanting to offend your colleague, you halfheartedly agree to a brief encounter.

The day arrives, and so does the feckless schmoozer. Though he still seems unsure of what he wants, he spends 45 minutes jabbering about himself and assuring you that you’re ideally suited to manage his job search and maybe even offer him a job yourself.

More than ever in this job market that only a hiring manager could love, networking can be toxic.

But truth be told, at some point in our careers, most of us have made some reluctant mentor’s eyes roll. And while networking is a give-and-take situation, you should never let your intense yearning for a new job overtake your common sense.

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