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Re-Listing a Job Posting

Re-Listing a Job Posting

Alison Green | Ask A Manager

August 16, 2010

A reader writes:

I applied for a job with an organization, passed the phone screen, and was given a second interview less than a week later. I interviewed with a panel of people and was told at the time there were several candidates interviewing for this position. In my opinion, the interview went well. After the interview, the recruiter also let me know that she heard really good things about me and that she would be traveling during the hiring process so there would be no activity while she was out.

After a couple of weeks passed, I emailed this recruiter to follow up with her and let her know that I was still interested in the position and wanted to know the status. She responded that she needed to reacquaint herself with any decisions made by the hiring manager in her absence and she would let me know the outcome as soon as possible.

Feeling a bit discouraged, I decided to check their job board again because their parent org posts all of their jobs on the same site, and I wanted to see if they had any openings in other areas. Well, lo and behold, I saw the job that I interviewed for re-listed on the site!

I have received no notice from this recruiter since our last contact mentioned about this job. I am assuming that neither I nor the other candidates were chosen for the position. Could we all have been that bad of a fit that none of us were suitable? Even if that is the case why not just let me know that I was not the right person for this job? Do you think they are trying to interview other candidates and keep us strung along? Should I email the recruiter and confront her that I saw the job posting re-listed?

Okay, let’s take these questions one at a time:

Could all the candidates have been such a bad fit that none were suitable? Yes, possibly. But it’s also possible that they simply keep jobs listed until they’re filled, or that they adjusted some small detail in the listing and that made it appear to have been posted all over again, or some other explanation that doesn’t indicate that they’ve decided to reject all their candidates. This is all like reading tea leaves — you can drive yourself crazy trying to interpret what little things like this mean, and there’s rarely a definitive way to know.

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