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Writing Achievement Oriented Resumes

Writing Achievement Oriented Resumes

By Louise Fletcher | HRPeople

August 20, 2009

Any company will hire any employee if they feel that employee will add value to their business. So, the core of a strong resume is this: proof that you have made an impact on previous employers.

In my practice as a professional resume writer, I constantly meet people who have made a great impact on the companies they worked for, but just didn’t see it that way. It’s common for people to say that was just part of my job. But, a resume without accomplishments is not going to help you blow their socks off. If your resume simply lists responsibilities, what have you really told an employer. Responsibilities are simply things that you were supposed to do. They don’t tell the employer anything about what you did do.

Most of us are so busy doing that it’s hard to step back and see what we have accomplished. Once we start talking, they are amazed at what comes out in conversation. And I don’t mean people who found a cure for cancer Š these people are from all walks of life and all levels ­ from CEOs to clerical workers. Here are some of the more recent examples:

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Programmer for animation studio
  • Developed tool to enable modelers to diagnose and correct modeling problems before rigging. Prior to development of this tool, modeling problems were only identified during animation, resulting in expensive charge-backs and loss of productivity.

  • Event Planner ­ not-for-profit
  • Conceived, managed and publicized regional Earth Day partnership with Whole Foods Market which resulted in record breaking sales and extensive media coverage, including The New York Times and WABC. As a result the two organizations formed an ongoing national partnership.

  • HR Manager
  • Negotiated a renewal of health benefits at 10% below nationwide average increase while enhancing employee benefits.

  • Product Development Executive
  • Redefined product strategy and production processes for (company name withheld) resulting in a 40% increase in revenue over a two year period, from $140M to $200M annually.

  • Executive Assistant
  • Designed, created and maintained a resource assignment database using MS Access. The new system allowed management to allocate 70 consultants efficiently.

  • You can see that that achievements vary depending on the seniority and length of experience but all address a frequent problem experienced by the hiring managers in that industry/profession.

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    Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?