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On Hiring Relatives

On Hiring Relatives

By Rose Bullecer | HRPeople

August 11, 2009

When it comes to employing relatives, I’m not really crazy about the idea. I’d love to help but sometimes, your own relatives are the people who give you more headaches especially when it comes to business endeavors. If they underperform, firing them will be a big issue, not only to the person involved but you have to put up with other relatives as well. And I don’t want that.

Maybe I’m making a sweeping generalization here because not all relatives would fall under this category. There are relatives who have a good work ethic and being employed by another relative is treated like a normal job with that of a non-relative employer.

In employing relatives, it is important to set boundaries. Make it clear to them that you are running a business and you have goals to meet. Non-compliance would have its consequences. You may have to fire them should they fail to deliver. Also, treat them like your other employees. Don’t play favorites or give them special consideration over non-relative employees. Lastly, hire relatives that have the skills to do the job. Do not play the philanthropist when in actuality you’re not, because it will certainly backfire on your business.

Hiring relatives or friends has its pluses and minuses. You may find a gem among your family members and help you bring in more profits to your business. On the other hand, do not discount the fact that some relatives can also ruin your business.

What are your thoughts?

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