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Your Resume Spelling Mistakes

Your Resume Spelling Mistakes

By Lance Haun | HRPeople

August 18, 2009

It is one of the first thing people say about composing your resume: make sure you don’t have any spelling mistakes. Or certainly, a spelling mistake means certain doom even if the rest of your resume looks great. And really, not a day goes by when I don’t see a comment on twitter about how somebody spelled something wrong on a resume. I won’t throw the first stone, I’ve been in that boat before. But I will say this: unless your horrendous spelling really hurts my ability to understand your resume, I am over your spelling mistakes and other HR people should get over it too.

The Argument

First of all, let’s list off the common reasons why some HR and recruiting pros have zero tollerance for spelling mistakes on resumes (seriously, zero tolerance):

  • It is easier than ever to check spelling. Most word processing programs do that for you.

  • This is one of the most important documents that you have to send out. Why wouldn’t you get it right?

  • If you show a lack of detail orientation on your resume, what does that say about your ability to do a detailed job?

  • And probably a few others that will be pointed out to me in the comment section. I will agree with them in two (and only two) instances:

  • Writing or editing writing is your full time job. If you’re a copywriter, technical writer or a newspaper reporter, you’re really screwed if you have a spelling error. No way around that.

  • If writing is a big component of your job. I’m thinking many marketing or PR pros fall into this category. Even then, I would still be tolerant of a typo on a customized part of a resume or cover letter.

  • That’s it.

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