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10 Signs You Will Be Laid Off

10 Signs You Will Be Laid Off

By Denise Kersten,

April 30, 2009

When massive layoffs rocked the tech sector last year, non-dot-commers looked on with sympathy, then thanked goodness, heavens and their lucky stars they hadn’t migrated to a start-up.

This year things are different. The sinking economy has just about everyone — new-economy workers and old — looking over their shoulder for that dreaded pink slip.

There is no sure-fire way to foresee a layoff. Just ask Andrew Lopresti. The graphic designer from Northern Virginia was caught off guard when his company eliminated his job.

“I thought I was going in to get a raise,” he says. “It just followed a very favorable review.”

Still, most workers who have been through a layoff say there were some red flags.

“We should have seen the writing on the wall when other [parts of the company] started laying off and the work load dwindled as a result,” says Lopresti.

The Daily Grind surveyed layoff victims (most of whom have new jobs, by the way) to find out what to watch out for. Here are 10 warning signs they saw — or should have seen:

1. Twiddling Thumbs

Beware of a dwindling work load. Sure, that extra free time is nice, but it’s usually a signal that your company is not bringing in enough business to maintain payroll.

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