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Steps To Prepare Yourself for a Layoff

Steps To Prepare Yourself for a Layoff

Lindsay Olson

March 31, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 26th that over 5 million jobless claims have been made so far, a 26-year high. Many companies have already made significant cutbacks and the news isn’t very hopeful for the short-term. Anyone can fall victim to the corporate axe.

Of course, now is the time you should be proactive in positioning yourself to retain your position and show your value to the organization. But there are no promises in a questionable time.

While I would never advocate living your every day in fear of a layoff, it is important to be prepared should a downsizing affect you. Here are thirteen steps you should take to prepare yourself for before and after a layoff.

1. Update your resume. If you resume hasn’t been updated in a few years, you will be surprised at how much more time it will take you than expected.

2. Give some serious thought to your recent accomplishments and write them all down. Prepare your professional portfolio. You’ll need a clip book, writing samples, PR plan (or mock plans), etc. Find the copies of your quarterly and annual reviews.

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