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    Police or Sheriff Patrol Officer

    h4. Tasks Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations. Identify, pursue, and arrest suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts. Record facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities. Review facts of incidents to determine if criminal act or statute violations were involved. ...
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    Physical Therapist

    h4. Tasks Plan, prepare and carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in patients. Perform and document an initial exam, evaluating data to identify problems and determine a diagnosis prior to intervention. Evaluate effects of treatment at various stages and adjust treatments to achieve maximum benefit. Administer ...
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    Pharmacy Technician

    h4. Tasks Receive written prescription or refill requests and verify that information is complete and accurate. Maintain proper storage and security conditions for drugs. Answer telephones, responding to questions or requests. Fill bottles with prescribed medications and type and affix labels. [widget:447] Assist customers by answering simple questions, locating items or referring them to the pharmacist for medication information. Price and ...
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    Paralegal/Legal Assistant

    h4. Tasks Prepare legal documents, including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, and real estate closing statements. Prepare affidavits or other documents, maintain document file, and file pleadings with court clerk. Gather and analyze research data, such as statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, and documents. Investigate facts and law of cases to determine causes of action and to prepare cases. [widget:448] ...
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    Network and Computer Systems Administrators

    h4. Tasks Diagnose hardware and software problems, and replace defective components. Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations. Maintain and administer computer networks and related computing environments including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations. Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data, software, and hardware. [widget:449] Operate master consoles to monitor the performance of computer systems ...
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    Medical Assistant

    h4. Tasks Interview patients to obtain medical information and measure their vital signs, weight, and height. Show patients to examination rooms and prepare them for the physician. Record patients' medical history, vital statistics and information such as test results in medical records. Prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician. [widget:450] Collect blood, tissue or other laboratory specimens, log the ...
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    Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technologist

    h4. Tasks Analyze laboratory findings to check the accuracy of the results. Conduct chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine, and spinal fluid, to determine presence of normal and abnormal components. Operate, calibrate and maintain equipment used in quantitative and qualitative analysis, such as spectrophotometers, calorimeters, flame photometers, and computer-controlled analyzers. [widget:451] Enter data from analysis of medical tests and ...
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    Mechanical Engineer

    h4. Tasks Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, and computer-generated reports. Confer with engineers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information. Research and analyze customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and maintenance requirements of designs or applications. [widget:452] Specify system components or direct modification of products ...
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    Marketing Manager

    h4. Tasks Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction. Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors. Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections. [widget:453] Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote ...
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    Insurance Sales Agents

    h4. Tasks Call on policyholders to deliver and explain policy, to analyze insurance program and suggest additions or changes, or to change beneficiaries. Calculate premiums and establish payment method. Customize insurance programs to suit individual customers, often covering a variety of risks. [widget:454] Sell various types of insurance policies to businesses and individuals on behalf of insurance companies, including automobile, fire, ...
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    Human Resources Manager

    Tasks • Administer compensation, benefits and performance management systems, and safety and recreation programs. • Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants. • Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel. • Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion and employee benefits. [widget:456] • Perform difficult staffing duties, including ...
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    Graphic Artist/Designer

    h4. Tasks Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts. Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type. Use computer software to generate new images. [widget:455] Mark up, paste, and assemble final layouts to prepare layouts for printer. Draw and print charts, graphs, illustrations, and ...
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    First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Production and Operating Workers

    h4. Tasks Enforce safety and sanitation regulations. Direct and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the production or processing of goods, such as inspectors, machine setters, and fabricators. Read and analyze charts, work orders, production schedules, and other records and reports, in order to determine production requirements and to evaluate current production estimates and outputs. Confer with other supervisors to ...
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    First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Office and Administrative Support Workers

    h4. Tasks Resolve customer complaints, and answer customers' questions regarding policies and procedures. Supervise the work of office, administrative, or customer service employees to ensure adherence to quality standards, deadlines, and proper procedures, correcting errors or problems. Provide employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems, and in resolving escalated complaints or disputes. Implement corporate and departmental policies, procedures, and ...
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    Executive Assistant

    h4. Tasks Manage and maintain executives' schedules. Prepare invoices, reports, memos, letters, financial statements and other documents, using word processing, spreadsheet, database, or presentation software. Read and analyze incoming memos, submissions, and reports to determine their significance and plan their distribution. Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email. File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports. Greet visitors ...
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    Employment, Recruitment, Placement Specialist/Recruiter

    h4. Tasks Establish and maintain relationships with hiring managers to stay abreast of current and future hiring and business needs. Interview applicants to obtain information on work history, training, education, and job skills. Maintain current knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action guidelines and laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Perform searches for qualified candidates according ...
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    Elementary School Teacher

    h4. Tasks Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible. Observe and evaluate students' performance, behavior, social development, and physical health. Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests. Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of ...
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    Electrical Engineer

    h4. Tasks Confer with engineers, customers, and others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects and products. Design, implement, maintain, and improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes. Operate computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks. Direct and coordinate manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing activities to ...
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    Director, Operations

    h4. Tasks Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, or distribution of products. Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties. Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement. Establish and implement departmental policies, ...
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    Dental Assistant

    h4. Tasks Prepare patient, sterilize and disinfect instruments, set up instrument trays, prepare materials, and assist dentist during dental procedures. Expose dental diagnostic x-rays. Record treatment information in patient records. Take and record medical and dental histories and vital signs of patients. Provide postoperative instructions prescribed by dentist. Assist dentist in management of medical and dental emergencies. Pour, trim, and polish ...

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