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Grow Your Business and Your Confidence with Professional Communication Courses

Grow Your Business and Your Confidence with Professional Communication Courses

Human resources is becoming an increasingly popular career field. Competition for HR positions is growing, and superb oral and written communication are a requirement.

HRPeople, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand, is now offering an online Business Communication Training Bundle to help you differentiate yourself from other HR Professionals.

Professional Development OnDemand

For a low cost of $139, you will have three months of access to material from two specialized courses: Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business, and Business Writing Skills

Access over 50 hours of skills training and simulations at your own pace.

The Business Communication Bundle will cover essential skills to help you:

  • • Understand the causes of poor communication.
  • • Improve your mechanics of communicating
  • • Critique voice, listening skills, and body language.
  • • Better your negotiation skills.
  • • Artfully manage conflicts in the workplace
  • • Communicate effectively with those you lead or manage
  • • Craft your business writing to be crisp, persuasive, and effective.
  • • And many other invaluable communication skills for business!

Monster’s online training programs are designed to help you…

∙Add skills and professional certifications to your resume
∙Get ready for a promotion
∙Re-enter the workforce with updated computer skills
∙Do it all in your spare time!

How can I benefit from the Business Communication Bundle?

These courses will teach you how to communicate effectively with colleagues, contacts, and customers. Learn how to resolve conflicts, craft messages, and reach your audience. Furthermore, taking online courses in communication will give you the skills to propel your career in HR to the next level.

Why should I choose Monster’s online training programs?

Monster’s online training programs allow you to define your career, on your terms. If you want to stay up-to-speed in today’s fast-paced business environment, Monster’s Professional Development can help. It’s flexible, it’s easy, and it’s geared toward your busy schedule—and your tight budget.

HRPeople, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand offers affordable online training program to help you advance your career.

You will have on demand access to specialized courses over three months for only $139.

How do I sign up for the Business Communication Bundle?

1. Click the orange “Purchase this bundle” button
2. Create a Monster Professional Development Account
3. Confirm your choices and invest in your future

Why wait? Get started now

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