Lisa Rosendahl, SPHR is the voice behind Simply Lisa and has over 15 years of professional HR experience. Lisa holds a bachelor's degree from Gannon University and masters degrees from Webster University and the University of Pennsylvania. She is recognized as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) from the Society of Human Resource Management. With 10 years of military service in the U.S. Army and progressive HR leadership roles in public, privately held and now federal organizations, she brings a unique perspective to the business of HR. Lisa lives in the central Minnesota area with her husband and daughter.

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  • Are Your Managers Right For Employee Relations?

    Are Your Managers Right For Employee Relations?

    "The number one reason for conflict is the need to be right." The first time I heard this, I was an ROTC instructor by day and a graduate student by night. When I wasn't teaching leadership or hanging out by the Schuylkill River, I was grabbing nuggets of wisdom from my graduate courses. I think of this nugget often with managers ... More

  • Employment Law and Leaders

    Employment Law and Leaders

    Employment law is my forte. On some days, there's nothing better than reading a recent ruling, grabbing the salient points and being that much more equipped to advise and guide. Employment law is an area that employee relations HR pros need to pay attention to on a regular basis because it is under constant refinement.I am attending the21010 Upper Midwest Employment ... More

  • Defining the Role of Human Resources

    Defining the Role of Human Resources

    The workplace is stressful these days and people are on edge. If it's not increasing demands, decreasing dollars and limited staff, it's the human resource staff standing in the way of supervisors and managers doing what they want to do, how they want to do it, and when they want to do it. The No-No Girls Back in the day, me ... More

  • An Incentive Fairy Tale

    An Incentive Fairy Tale

    Incentives can be like sunshine on a cloudy day, or they can bring in the rain. No denying incentives, when used properly, can prompt desired behaviors - or is it to impact outcomes? What was it again?? Incentives change behaviors - not outcomes. I know that now because I read Incentive Intelligence and bookmark posts like Incentives - Definitions and Actions ... More

  • Finding A Way With Others

    Finding A Way With Others

    Originally posted in January 2007 and the issue at hand long forgotten, this post reminds me that answers can come from the places you least expect them. And with that, a blast from the past! We have an problem to solve and I think we may have found a window in a room full of walls. Let me explain. I have ... More

  • Leaders, Who Are You?

    Leaders, Who Are You?

    Who are you, not as a leader but as a person? Where are you in your life, what do you value and how does this impact or inform your leadership? It's not a question of "if" this impacts or informs your leadership, it is a question of "how." Really, it is. In her post, Be Who You Are, writer Becky Robinson ... More

  •  What's Cool About HR

    What's Cool About HR

    Cool HR readers, this one's for you! I asked a question, "What's so cool about HR?" and you answered. On the Twitter front,@adowling says making offers to qualified job candidate & letting frustrated employees vent is cool and @beneubanks says it's finding, developing, motivating, rewarding, & retaining talent- this ain't your daddy's personnel department! There is tons of coolness in the ... More

  • Does Leadership Coaching Work?

    Does Leadership Coaching Work?

    Tell me about leadership coaching." A simple request and a post is inspired. Leadership coaching is one of the best professional decisions I made for myself. I started working with a leadership coach while a member of an executive team strategically preparing for company growth. I continued the coaching relationship after changing employers and focused on my leadership. For me, coaching ... More

  • HR and Finance: A Vital Relationship

    HR and Finance: A Vital Relationship

    There is nothing funnier than watching my financial friends search high and low for the last few cents to ensure their books balance to the penny. Get me in the ball park and I am more than happy to call it a day. I laugh, but I do so with the utmost respect. My route to Human Resources (HR) was ... More

  • Remembering the Humans in Human Resources

    Remembering the Humans in Human Resources

    During the holidays, many things happen. Our lives get a couple of nice breaks and we have a brief moment to reflect on just what it is we are doing out there in the world. HR can be a tough, yet rewarding job. It all depends on how you look at things. Some people in the company love you; others canít ... More

  • Leaders That Have it All Together

    Leaders That Have it All Together

    . . . or who say they do, have got to be lying. If they're not, I am all washed up. Leaders are responsible for department performance. Leading a department from point A to point B, no matter how capable the staff, can present a leader with challenges. One challenge is gaining staff support for decisions. I asked a leadership question ... More

  • Say Goodbye to Loose Communication

    Say Goodbye to Loose Communication

    I love words. Give me a vision statement, a thesaurus and some engaging conversation and we will get the right words to capture the essence of the vision. Give me an employee offense, Black's Law Dictionary and the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) Guide and I will give you a charge statement in 10 words or less that captures the nuance ... More

  • I Can't Do Salary Surveys Anymore

    I Can't Do Salary Surveys Anymore

    I love spreadsheets. Is it the ISTJ in me that loves the boxes, the formulas, and the grids? Does anything compare to the excitement of figuring out how to round down in Excel instead of rounding up? I enjoy compensation. I could spend hours, reviewing salary surveys; analyzing data; determining benchmark rates; and working with others to develop and articulate a ... More

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