Lance Haun is a Human Resources Generalist practicing in the field for the past 5 years and a proud product of the Washington State University School of Business. His professional interests include recruitment, team building, training and development, employee relations and restraining himself from beating the crap out of bad managers and employees. In his spare time, he likes to recreate outdoors in the beautiful Northwest U.S. with his flawless wife and tell stories about his co-workers with friends over a beer after work. Visit his blog!

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  • Why Can't We Be Friends?

    Why Can't We Be Friends?

    I'm a friendly guy. When you come to Portland, I'm there. We can grab a McMenamins beer and chat about talent whenever it suits you. When you e-mail me, I usually respond within a few days if your request isn't out of the ordinary. If you call, I pick up unless I'm on another call or I'm in my writing zone ... More

  • Confusion About The War For Talent

    Confusion About The War For Talent

    I was at a family reunion this last weekend and we were talking about recruiting issues. They were mentioning that despite unemployment numbers, they still had a hard time finding the right people for the most critical positions that were open. And it isn't a question of technique, or pay or anything along those lines. It's a situation where there is ... More

  • Just Do Your Job

    Just Do Your Job

    I love all of the discussion centered who should report to which department. Whether it is a HR department arguing they should be reporting to the CEO and they should have a seat at the table to recruiters arguing that they should be in any department except HR, it gives me a broad smile. Someone is building excuses for performance deficiency. ... More

  • Career Competent Employees

    Career Competent Employees

    Every day, it seems like a new depressing story pops up about the unemployed. Some employers won't hire them or think being unemployed is a scarlet letter. Others who are disproportionately impacted because of their age, race, disability or veteran's status tell stories of months without an interview. Still others who are stuck in the never ending cycle of submitting a ... More

  • Playing Fair in Business

    Playing Fair in Business

    When you're a little kid, everything is unfair. The fact that I had to go to bed before the end of a basketball game on TV. Or that my sister got birthday presents on her birthday but not me. Or that I couldn't ride my bike out to the lake with my friends. It wasn't fair. So because it was unfair, ... More

  • Simplify Everything in HR

    Simplify Everything in HR

    My buddy Chris Ferdinandi and I chat throughout the day about what's going in HR, social media and the world. Now I don't know about anybody else but I work from home. So I've got a crew of co-workers, colleagues and friends that I keep in touch with throughout the week. Chris is on that list for sure. We always talk ... More

  • Social Media Isnít Rocket Science

    Social Media Isnít Rocket Science

    So I was talking to my grandma about what I do as a community director at ERE. Now I know some of you have technology savvy grandparents but mine isn't one of them. So I was explaining our website, different technology platforms, who we targeted, what I specifically did and I think she was more confused than ever. So I dropped ... More

  • Hustle, Not Talent

    Hustle, Not Talent

    I believe in hustle. Hustle to me is a state of mind. It is a combination of working hard and working quickly. You make mistakes quicker, you make adjustments quicker and you have success quicker. Not only that but once you find success, you sustain that success through continuing the cycle. Hustle doesnít take a college degree or pedigree. You donít ... More

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