Jane, a women’s personal development specialist, works with people to achieve their full potential. Her experience includes helping children cope with loss and trauma, running groups for offenders, working in psychiatric care, as well as individual one-on-one coaching with executives of major organizations. Visit her website and read her book "When Work Isn't Working - A handbag guide to a great work life." Find out what you can achieve with Jane’s women's executive coaching!

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  • Is Prejudice Holding You Back?

    Is Prejudice Holding You Back?

    Albert Einstein once said: “Common sense is the set of prejudices we acquire before the age of 18." And our prejudices are formed by our early experiences and influences:the culture we live in, the type of schools we attend, the friends we have, our significant adults-parents, teachers, relatives. It all helps to fix in us an idea of what is ‘normal.' ... More

  • Gender Blindness in the Workplace?

    Gender Blindness in the Workplace?

    My Prejudice I think I had better begin by declaring my bias! I am a feminine feminist: I do not think women need to, or should have to, behave like men to get on in the world of work. I believe at times we have had to because the world of work has been designed by men for men: if women ... More

  • Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

    Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

    We all know people who have masses of academic qualifications yet somehow just don’t get it right in the world of work. They are not easy people to be with and tend to misread situations. They say the wrong thing, upset people (often completely unintentionally) and therefore don’t always get as many opportunities as people who are emotionally intelligent. They are ... More