Dan McCarthy has been a practitioner in the field of leadership development for over 20 years. He's currently the Manager of Leadership and Management Development at a Fortune "Great Place to Work", "Training Top 125", and "High Impact Learning" (HILO 80) company. Dan has a Master's degree in Human Resource and Organizational Development and has held management positions in both HR and training. His award-winning blog, Great Leadership, is about leadership development, and talent management.

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  • Are You a Talent Magnet or Talent Poacher?

    Are You a Talent Magnet or Talent Poacher?

    Some companies consider it unethical and bad business practice to recruit out of a competitorís talent pool. Others disagree, saying that itís a legitimate and necessary part of doing business. Iím no expert in external recruiting, so Iíll leave that debate to the experts. However, what about the concept of ďinternal poachingĒ? Whatís wrong with a manager hiring a star performer ... More

  • A First Aid Kit for Managers

    A First Aid Kit for Managers

    What would you stuff into a small backpack that would equip a manager to handle just about any management issue? Below is my list, in no order of priority. You can also use this list as part of an exercise for a management training program. Divide your participants into groups of 4-5 and have them prioritize the list (or make up ... More

  • 10 Career Management Strategies

    10 Career Management Strategies

    Eager to Stay and Ready to Go When it comes to career management, two things continue to amaze me: 1. People that donít proactively manage their careers until they are looking for a job; 2. Managers who hold it against employees that are proactively managing their careers. How could this be? Itís 2010, not 1970. However, I canít tell you how ... More

  • The Business Case for Leadership Development

    The Business Case for Leadership Development

    If you happen to work for a great company, then chances are you wonít have to spend a lot of time and effort convincing anyone how important leadership development is. The primary reason your company is so successful and admired is because you already are. Good for you! You can spend time actually developing your next generation of leaders and making ... More

  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs) Are Worthless

    Individual Development Plans (IDPs) Are Worthless

    Öif no action is taken. I take a lot of pride in helping people write "Individual Development Plans", or IDPs. Thousands of people have stumbled upon Great Leadership searching on this topic, and Iíve probably helped write over 1000 of them as part of my day job. When working with a leader or aspiring leader, Iíll follow this process: We usually ... More

  • 15 Questions to Shake up Your Next Team Meeting

    15 Questions to Shake up Your Next Team Meeting

    Are your team meetings, project meetings, or 1on1s with your employees getting too dull and predictable? Are they lacking energy or new ideas? Are you looking to get your employees to think, open up, and inspire a little creativity and out-of-the-box problem solving? Are people hesitant to bring up problems? Are you getting blank stares when you ask for improvement ideas? ... More

  • 7 Tips for Department Meeting Rookies

    7 Tips for Department Meeting Rookies

    The average employee will attend about 12 meetings per year. A few of these will be what's typically called "the department meeting". If you work for a smaller company, it may be a company, or a branch meeting. I figure I've attending hundreds of these. So while those are hours of my life that I'll never get back, I thought I'd ... More

  • Reorganizations: Don't Just Shake up the Bird Cage

    Reorganizations: Don't Just Shake up the Bird Cage

    I've heard some employees call frequent, questionable reorganizations "shaking up the bird cage". You get a lot of noisy chaos and ruffled feathers flying, and at the end of the say, the same bunch would just be sitting on different perches, albeit a little dizzy from all of the cage rattling. Nothing else seems to change. That kind of a cynical ... More

  • Selection vs. Development Assessments

    Selection vs. Development Assessments

    This post is written for the everyday manager, HR manager, coach, or consultant that doesnít have the time or interest to learn about validation, reliability, confirmatory factor analysis, correlation coefficients, and adverse impact. However, youíre using assessments, and you know just enough to be dangerous. Oh yeah, that pretty much describes me. Maybe you too. Iíve written about assessments for leadership ... More

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