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  • HR Business Partner  
    New York City, New York Access Staffing
  • Sr. Recruiter  
    Houston, Texas I.T. Staffing
  • Human Resources Assistant  
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana Advantage Resourcing
  • Southern California Regional HR Manager - Consulting/Advising  
    Orange County, California CyberCoders
  • HR Recruiter - Human Resources, Onboarding, Tech Recruiting  
    Montgomery County, Maryland CyberCoders
  • HR Coordinator  
    Gainesville/Jacksonville/Ocala, Florida The CSI Companies
  • Benefits Administrator  
    Long Beach, California CB & Associates
  • Recruiter and Account Manager - $60,000  
    Los Angeles, California AppleOne
  • Recruiter / Subject Matter Expert - Excellent Opportunity!!!  
    Anne Arundel County, Maryland ACT-1
  • Payroll Specalist -  
    Los Angeles, California AppleOne

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    Twelve Worst Job Interview Mistakes

    Twelve Worst Job Interview Mistakes
    Among the tips for this stage of the application process: You don't want to be unprepared or too rehearsed, or be labeled an HR stalker Turning off a potential employer is easier than one might think. To score a job, avoid these 12 mistakes that candidates often make during the interview process. 1. "+Being Unprepared for Standard Questions+": 2. "+Sounding Too ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +12
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    6 Steps to Handling Salary Questions

    6 Steps to Handling Salary Questions
    Everyone wants as much money as an employer is willing to shell out. Yet when it comes to job interviewing, salary questions make most people squirm. One reason is that such questions pressure you to tip your hand during the negotiating game. Winning the salary you want requires some evasive action on your part. Choose your words carefully, and don't be ...
    Published almost 10 years ago | Rated: +11
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    Top 10 Tips for Salary Negotiations

    Top 10 Tips for Salary Negotiations
    Negotiating a better salary package has put more than a few stomachs in knots over the years. Remember, we all go through it sooner or later. Keep these 10 basic tips in mind when it's your turn to ask for a sweeter deal. 1. Be Persuasive It's hard to force your boss to increase your compensation, and trying to do so ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +9
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    What Your Handshake Says About You

    [photo:6951] Nobody likes a limp handshake, but you probably don't realize just how much you communicate through your hands, says Jacqueline Whitmore, author of Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work. Here's one handshake to use, one to be careful of, and three to avoid. *Types* p((. • "+The Fail-Safe+": p((. • "+The Rubber Glove+": p((. • "+The Queen's Handshake+": ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +7
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    Use HRPeople to Improve Your Job Search

    Use HRPeople to Improve Your Job Search
    HRPeople's job search capabilities offer a lot more value to those searching for HR jobs than might be noticed at a first glance. We can help you find exactly the jobs you are looking for - this article will help you get the most out of your search for HR jobs. Seven Secrets: Power Job Searching Awaits We can help you ...
    Published about 10 years ago | Rated: +5
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    How to Motivate Employees on a Budget

    How to Motivate Employees on a Budget
    With recession looming—or underway, depending on who you ask—corporate budget managers are battening down the hatches when it comes to expenses. One of the areas where spending is stingiest is employee raises; last year's average increase of 3.5% may look like a bonanza from the perspective of 2008, when many companies are likely to be giving raises of 2% or less. ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +5