Nine Creative Tips for Poaching Talent

Nine Creative Tips for Poaching Talent

Douglas MacMillan / BusinessWeek

June 05, 2008

The tightening economy has put the brakes on hiring for many employers, but some professions and skill sets remain highly sought after. Some 43% of corporate recruiters anticipate a rise in staff levels in 2008, according to a recent study by career Web site JobFox. Software designers, nurses, and accountants, among many other specialized and technical professions observed in the survey, are still much in demand.

If your company is having trouble finding desirable workers on job boards, it’s probably because they’re happily employed where they are. “Passive candidates,” the term recruiters use to describe prospects who are not actively seeking a job, are difficult to find and even more difficult to make contact with. But some HR departments have discovered creative ways to make their pitch resonate.

1. Target

2. Speak in Code

3. Join the Conversation

4. Employer Branding

5. Lighten Up

6. Intrude

7. Be Flexible

8. Offer a Reward

9. Use Your Big Brass

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