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Use HRPeople to Improve Your Job Search

Use HRPeople to Improve Your Job Search

Katie Winsor / HRPeople Editor

August 25, 2008

Be Proactive: Take Advantage of Groups
Using online social networks is an increasingly effective way to personally get in touch with those who will be the first to know about job openings and emerging career paths – of course, we’re talking about HR professionals themselves.

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Joining HRPeople’s groups allows you to band together with other HR pros, enabling you to turn online networking into real-life connections.

If you aren’t finding the group you’re looking for on our site, create your own, and invite others to join.

Staying in touch could uncover some job information that could make all the difference.

Industry Trends
Our HR Industry Trends presents many different angles on the best places to work in HR. Some of the angles we have focused on are:

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Our HR Jobs channel hosts many more articles which attempt to inspire you to think about searching for HR jobs differently.

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?

Poll: How do you feel about crying at work?