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It can be difficult to find factual and well-written information about the different educational paths which lead to careers in human resources. What degree is right for the job you want? Which degrees generate real opportunities for job seekers, and which fail to make the cut? HRPeople has created a comparative degree guide to help you choose your path. We'll assist ... Full Story

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    What it Takes to Move into HR

    What it Takes to Move into HR
    Are you interested in working in human resources but fear you lack the experience? Many job seekers in this field are concerned about making this type of move. "Don't be afraid to apply for an opening," encourages Shannon Arens, a human resources specialist with Sioux City, Iowa-based Terra Industries Inc., a manufacturing company. "There's great growth potential." If you can't talk ...
    Published almost 11 years ago | Rated: +72
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    Top Paying Industries for HR

    Top Paying Industries for HR
    Looking to get into HR and want a career that really delivers? Already an HR professional and want to take your career to the next level? HRPeople has done the research for you — Here’s our list of the top-paying HR industries. Find yours today! *Compensation and Benefits Managers* *Industry* *Employment* *Hourly mean wage* *Annual mean wage* Rail Transportation 140 $59.08 ...
    Published about 11 years ago | Rated: +35
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    10 Steps to Becoming an HR Professional

    10 Steps to Becoming an HR Professional
    Considering HR? Your timing is great. Human resources is transforming itself. Once widely viewed as mere tacticians, paper pushers, or in-office enforcers, today’s HR professionals are increasingly seen as integral to their companies’ business success. This growing strategic role means HR now has a place at the table where real business decisions are made, and that offers unprecedented opportunities for those ...
    Published about 9 years ago | Rated: +27
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    HR 101: An Overview, Part II

    HR 101: An Overview, Part II
    Congratulations! You've picked a career that has so many options we've had to divide our overview into two parts. Part I covered the roles of HR generalists, compensation professionals and information systems (HRIS) specialists. If none of those seem like the right fit for you, don't despair. Consider one of the paths listed on the following pages for your human resources ...
    Published over 10 years ago | Rated: +12