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  • Job Shadow on an Interview?


    A reader writes: A colleague of mine with whom I’ve previously done business recently recruited me for a job at his company. It’s a VP position reporting directly to him. It’s an important position in the company and it would be an awesome job for...

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  • 10 Career Management Strategies


    Eager to Stay and Ready to Go When it comes to career management, two things continue to amaze me: 1. People that don’t proactively manage their careers until they are looking for a job; 2. Managers who hold it against employees that are proactive...

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  • Buying Office Supplies Yourself?


    A reader writes: This past week, my boss's boss paid a visit to our branch. He was telling me that he wants to see beverages, candy and snack-type foods available for when clients visit. He reminded me that corporate does not provide petty cash, a...

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Are You a Team Player?

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    Who do you feel usually tries the hardest?