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  • Performance Management: Not Everybody's a Superstar


    It's time to take off the type-A blinders and get some perspective; not everybody in the workplace is a superstar or future leader, and a lot of people don't want to be. They want to work, to get things done, to keep things moving and to do a good...

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  • Jokes in an Interview?


    A reader writes: I was wondering what your thoughts are on joking in an interview. I recently had a phone interview that I thought went very well. I was well prepared, am very qualified for the job and had competent answers to all questions. I eve...

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  • A First Aid Kit for Managers


    What would you stuff into a small backpack that would equip a manager to handle just about any management issue? Below is my list, in no order of priority. You can also use this list as part of an exercise for a management training program. Divide...

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Are You a Team Player?

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    Who do you feel usually tries the hardest?