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  • Cover Letter Sounds Like an Infomercial


    A reader writes: I really appreciate your blog and your candor, and I have used your advice many times during my job search. In fact, the interview chapter from your e-book made a huge difference on my last interview and I really felt like I was o...

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  • How to Keep Your Online Resume Secure


    While you may hear about online fraud, it tends to be focused on companies that derive their business from online purchases. As Monster is primarily a free service, and the contact information found in a resume can just as easily be located elsewh...

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  • How to Get a Job Through Your Blog


    We don't have to tell you — it's not easy to get a job these days. In this economy, it's easy to get stressed out over less-than-plentiful job openings. So the question remains: What's the secret to getting the job you want? Unfortunately, we don'...

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    Who do you feel usually tries the hardest?