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  • Rejuvenate Your Resume


    In a competitive job market, we have to do everything we can to make our resumes more attractive to hiring managers. This can be difficult for older workers, who fear that even if there's no bias (subconscious or conscious) against job seekers on ...

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  • Top 10 Signs that your Employees Are Not Reading their Benefits Descriptions during Open Enrollment


    For benefits management professionals looking for the lighter side of this year's Open Enrollment season, HighRoads, the industry leader in employer health care regulation compliance, today shares "Top 10 signs that your employees are not reading ...

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  • Ask a Manager: 7 Qs and 7 Answers


    I'm trying something new -- seven short answers to seven short questions, all in the same post: Company Won't Hire Former Employees of Competitor I applied for a job at a staffing agency and was told the particular company who was hiring wouldn't ...

    4 Comments | Rated: +4

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